Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beach Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, "Caribbean" by Carol Schiff, 16x20,1.5" Oil SOLD

Have you ever been to the Islands?  In Florida "the Islands" can only mean one thing.....any of those gorgeous, laid-back, tropical paradise places starting with the Abaco's Islands to the north and extending down the coast of South American to Granada.

The water color is amazing and I never get tired of gazing at it.  The air is hot and sultry, everyone moves in slow motion.......island time.  The people are amazing and you feel like you are living in a Ernest Hemingway novel.

Once we spent a week on Eleuthera  with our grown childen,  and every morning one of our neighbors would leave a fresh pineapple on our porch.  Yummy, best Pina Colada ever!  We would walk to the bakery every morning for fresh Bahama bread for our breakfast.  In the afternoons, the entire island population would gather on the dock to buy fresh fish.  The fishermen would lay their catch on the dock and the housewives would gather around to pick their dinner.

Every day we found another isolated, beautiful beach to enjoy.  Evenings were spent sitting on the porch, laughing, enjoying each other.  It was a throw back to another, simpler life and we all enjoyed it immensely.

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