Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Early Paintings, How Far Have You Come?, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting

Every once in awhile, I like to review my painting files.  I think it is extremely helpful, to see how your painting style has changed over the years.



When I started painting, I did lots of still life.  These two have encouraged me, to get back in the still life mode, doing set-ups in my studio.

Sometimes we just need to shake things up a little.   I think I am there, now.  Let's get a little new inspiration!

Carol Schiff


hmuxo said...

These two paintings are beautiful Carol! I love still life paintings... I don’t do enough!!! It’s time!!

Carol Blackburn said...

Carol, your paintings are always so lovely. I have been painting so few and far between I doubt I've improved any. In fact, when I look at some of my first acrylics I actually like them better than when I switched to oils. My art has taken a back seat to my practicing the piano these days, a different creative mode. I wish you a beautiful day!