Thursday, October 30, 2008

PLUM BRANDY, after Manet, detail

I mentioned on my post yesterday that my paint group "Pieces of Eight" is exhibiting at the Melbourne Beach Library. We are showing our exhibition of impressionistic master's which we refer to as "Friends and Faux". We had a great time reading about each artist and trying to duplicate their paintings. Most of them had very dysfunctional lives. It made me wonder if I am as weird and as out of step with society as most of them were. I think not, as I did manage to raise two wonderful children and commit to one relationship for over 45 years, which they seemed unable to do. Of course, their personalities are also what made them so committed to art that they could not function in society, and also made them the fantastic artists that we love today. I guess that means chances are good that I will not be as successful as an artist, but, I can live with that.
So, I decided to post one of my paintings from the exhibit. This is my version of a detail of the Manet painting "Plum Brandy". It is 10x10 on stretched canvas, $195./including S&H to continental US. If you are interested in viewing more of our master replicas, go to the sidebar on the right and click on "Pieces of Eight".

includes shipping to US


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I love doing our own 'Fakes & Forgeries' at Spring Bull Gallery in Newport, RI every year. You seemed to have really enjoyed this piece. Manet did have such an interesting life, but I'd rather have mine! Nice job!

SharonWrightArtist said...

We can't help but be inspired by what has gone before, can we? This is delightful, pink and green, colours that sing, lovely!