Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Peppers anyone?? We painted this set-up during our weekly group painting session. I like the vibrant red and orange against the equally vibrant turquoise background. I have never been accused of being subtle.


Unknown said...

Luscious painting! I love the palette you selected and the beautiful brushwork. Why be subtle when you can produce work this beautiful??

Marie Theron said...

Delightful, as always! I tried working in fat thickly loaded brush-strokes like you do, Carol! In the end I had to fetch a bottle of cooking oil from the kitchen to clean myself and the brushes so as not to poison my whole body with turps!

Shanique Moh said...

Your paint is beautiful... I had just started painting too. But I use only digital painting. When i random browsing the blog and I saw your page, I am amazed by the paint and the colors you use.... Keep up the good work... Cheers