Tuesday, December 1, 2009


A view of our "neighborhood" in North Carolina.
Those of you that follow my blog may remember that about a month ago I put out a plea for help. I had taken a road trip to West Virginia during peak leaf season and then promptly come home and deleted all my photos before getting them onto my computer. I was so uptset with myself to the point that I was thinking of another trip next October.
With the help of a friend, Donna Vines, I was able to recapture all my photos. It seems that when you "delete" on the camera card, it doesn't really delete at all. It just starts re-writing over your existing photos. Yesterday I took my camera to a local camera store and within 30 minutes I walked out with a CD of all my "lost" photos. Well not all. I did loose about 6 photos that I had written over in the past month. I send this information to you to file away in case you are ever in the situation I was in. While at the store, they showed me their file of hundreds of people who had done the same thing I did. Delete before downloading. It can happen!!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip! Good advice, and I love your painting!

David Larson Evans said...

3 words "I love this".

Becky Joy said...

Love your brushwork.