Friday, April 15, 2011


While driving to the post office, I passed this charming garden spot.  The blooming bougainvillea and garden umbrella in contrasting color, caught my eye.

I so enjoy doing these small paintings.  I have little desire to do larger ones these days.  This give me instant gratification and tomorrow, I have the thrill of starting over on a new project.
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A few weeks ago, the talented Diana Marshall, from Dublin, Ireland, had a painting give-away.  She offered to do a portrait of choice for the winner, who happened to be ME!

Today I received this great painting of my grandson showing off his prize fish!  Thank you Diana, this will go directly to my grandson Kevin.

Be sure to check out Diana's blog.  Her paintings are great and her  animal portraits are fantastic, especially the cats.


Carol Blackburn said...

That sure is some fish....and Diana did a wonderful job. Congratulations on winning the portrait.

Karena said...

Carol love your newest painting!!

Your grandsons portrait is perfect & he will love it!!

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Kay said...

I love your little painting. Diane is a fun artist to follow

Donna Vines said...

what a lovely painting, the colors are beautiful and congratulations on winning that great little painting of Kevin.

Kim Blair said...

The thick pink impasto blooms next to the textured umbrella are wonderful. Red and green are perfect complementary colors.

mary maxam said...

I really like your newest as well. The color in the bouganvilla is irresistible. I also like the photo showing it in context of the room and sculpture. very nice!

Jane said...

The colors are really striking, and I love those big fat brushstrokes. Have a nice week end Carol.

Interior Design Musings said...

Love these! M.

Linny D. Vine said...

Your blooms are gorgeous, Carole and that's one fine fish/grandson painting that you won!