Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cards, cards and more cards

I have always admired artists who show their work on note cards, so I finally decided to take the plunge myself.

I wanted the cards to be of very good quality.

I decided that I wanted to use glossy photographs instead of a card with a printed image.

I had a hard time choosing the paintings I wanted to feature.

I finally decided on these five images.  The cards are blank  with plenty of room to write a message.

The 5x7" cards may be purchased in my Etsy store, either individually or as a set.  When you purchase a set, you save $4.00 off the price of purchasing individually.  I will sign the front or back of the cards, if you desire and as an added bonus, the photos may be removed and reused. They are on quality natural card stock with matching envelopes.

Hope you like them!

Purchase here
15.75/ set of 5


Kay said...

very pretty,Carol.

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous! What a wonderful gift these would be.

Ricki Treleaven said...

I love these, Carol. I like that you chose a nice variety of paintings for your cards. Very nice set!

hmuxo said...

Excellent gift ideas. Love all of the paintings you chose.

Maria Bennett Hock said...

Lovely...your work is beautiful.

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

nice! notecards are a great idea :)

Karen Werner said...

They look great! Thanks for sharing.

claire christinel said...

Hi Carol, your cards look great! I sell lots of cards each year, and use them as advertising. I put the name of the painting and my signature under each picture. When someone buys a painting I include a two or three with the painting, and after showing my work at a cafe for example I give a box set as a thanks. I've also used them as a gift with purchase instead of giving a discount on a painting, and the buyers always seem pleased. Hope they work out really well for you too. They certainly are beautiful!

Kim Vanlandingham said...

These are great! Love the paintings you chose for the cards too!