Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily Painting, "Oconoluftee Barn" 6x8, Oil SOLD

This is not an old's a replica of an old barn!

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This barn can be found at the Oconoluftee Welcome Center of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at Cherokee NC..  They have a great museum and replica of a farm from the old days, complete with chickens and pigs!  

After walking through the farm, you can follow a path, next to the river and through the woods.  The feeling is that you are in the wilderness, they reality is that cars are whizzing by just a few hundred feet away.  

If you are lucky, you will hear the elk calling in the forest, or maybe even spy one or two in feeding in the meadow.

All together, a great way to spend the morning and absolutely free to anyone who cares to visit!


ashok said...

nice work!

hmuxo said...

Wonderful texture, Carol. Love this piece...

auntp said...

Been there and loved it!

auntp said...

Been to this farm and loved it! Lovely painting.

Kim Vanlandingham said...

I just love that area down there. My family used to own a chalet there and I was in the area about once a month. I'm a KY girl, but would definately consider lving in tennessee around those mountains. Love the painting!