Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daily Painting, "Sanibel Beach Cottage" 6x8, oil SOLD

Still posting paintings from my trip to Sanibel.  How could I pass up this adorable cottage on the beach?

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The lucky owner's get to view the sea from every window!  Of course, being the practical gal that I am, I cannot help but think how scary it would be during a hurricane.  In Florida, when a hurricane is threatening your area, if you live on the beach, you must abandon your home and find another place to stay until the storm has passed.

I am sorry to say that this little beauty would probably not survive a direct hit from a bad storm.  Not to mention the incredibly high insurance cost for such a location.  Even paradise has it's drawbacks.

See, I told you I was too practical!


Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

It is adorable thought...

hmuxo said...

This is beautifully done, Carol!! It makes me wonder if these people live there year round! Yes, I'm practical as well..and fear living too close to the water even though I think it would be so wonderful!! I love the brush work and you can almost feel the wind from those Palm trees.. Well done. said...

You did manage to capture some of your sense of the possible fragility of the dwelling. Those palm trees have a lot of movement in them. I love this one a lot.