Thursday, August 16, 2012

Daily Oil Painting "Manhattan Bridge" 6x12"

Today's daily painting is another view from my recent trip to Manhatten.

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Just like the gecko in the commercial, I was walking the Brooklyn Bridge, dodging cyclist and falling in love with the fabulous scenery, when I saw this viewpoint of the Manhattan Bridge.

There is a whole society on the upper level of the Brooklyn Bridge.....who knew!  I saw a model doing a fashion shoot, a bridal party getting their official photos taken, the real New Yorkers who live and work the city, and fabulous views.

It's not a hard walk, I have done it on three occasions.  I highly recommend it on your next trip to Manhattan.  My fellow travelers have always rated this little journey as the "most enjoyable" activity of all our sightseeing in New York.


hmuxo said...

Beautiful painting of Manhattan, Carol.!!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Carol, your color palate is simply dreamy, and your travel suggestion is compelling. I hope to get to NYC this year for work/pleasure.

I just this morning enjoyed my colorful Richard cups of Paris you painted. Merci!


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