Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oil Fruit Still Life, "Lemon, Granny and Blueberries" , SOLD 8x10"

It's been a while since I have done any still life.  Recently, I painted three that will be reproduced on bags of chocolate and fruit flavored candies.

I have always been drawn to purples, blues and greens, so I wanted to paint this one again.  On the candy bags, there are a few changes, some leaves are added and the blueberries have been replaced with pieces of chocolate.

It was an exciting project to work on, as well as a real learning experience for me.

Hope your day is sunny!!


Vanessa said...

Beautiful colour choices Carol! I love the blues and the yellow adds a nice contrasts and warmth. I'm sure that was a cool project to work on, and different too! said...

The color bounce of the lemon into the apple is wonderful. What a neat project and it turned out so well. Glad you enjoyed doing it.