Sunday, November 25, 2012

Abstract, Original Oil, Non-representational SOLD"Blue and Green" 6x8"

You know me.......I am off the beaten track again!  I did several abstract paintings last week and decided to show you one today.


This is a study of color interaction and composition.  Because I love texture in my paintings, I threw some of that in too.

I find abstract work to be very rewarding and relaxing.  The perfect activity to counteract burnout or other stresses of life.  It only works for me for a week or two.......then the desire for structure, the desire to produce a recognizable image, overwhelms me and I retreat to my still life and landscapes.  How do you deal with burnout?

Now that we are into serious Christmas shopping, I wanted to show you another of my little daily paintings that is on sale at half price this week.

You can find the link here.


carol morgan carmichael said...

I really like your abstracts. The colors and design are great. Fun to mix it up. said...

Your strong sense of design and color makes it easy for me to understand how an abstract could be liberating. I do it myself but not as well as this.
Love that you added a bit of texture.

Maggie Flatley said...

Carol, I really like this abstract. The palette is amazing and the texture!

hmuxo said...

I deal with "burnout" by not painting and just enjoying other artists work. I can see how abstracts relaxes you. This is a beautiful piece Carol, and love the added texture.!!