Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Small Still Life Painting, "Hello? Who's Calling?" 8x10 Original Oil Painting SOLD

If you are older than 20 years, you probably remember the days when phones were only in our homes, or maybe in a phone booth.  How quickly everything you knew can change!

Original 8x10 Oil Painting

These days, we are all tied to the credit card sized phone we carry everywhere..........and of course, it is so much more than a phone!

This may be the only phone you will see sitting on a desk these days, a little reminder of days gone bye.

My 1/2 price sale on Etsy is ending this week.  I want to take this opportunity to post a few more of the small works that are available.

The link is here, a great chance to pick up some unique gifts at a great price.  Many are priced under $30.


Shirley Fachilla said...

The phone-in-the-home only is just a few years in the past; I remember pre-dial phones when one gave the phone number to a real live person! Gad, I now sound like a contemporary of the Ancient Mariner! (Maybe in my childhood, my small hometown was lagging a bit behind the times?)
I love your phone. It looks so solid and elegant.

juliefordoliver.blogspot.com said...

The phone is so graceful. What a beautiful design and you painted it so well. Love the background color reflecting on the side.

hmuxo said...

I LOVE this phone! So beautifully painted, Carol!!! I really miss those days!!

Diana Marshall said...

Yes I remember those phones, I can still remember our home phone number from my childhood! Beautifully painted, maybe they will make a comeback!

Linda said...

Hi Carol, everything is so beautiful. That phone is so nostalgic...I love it!