Sunday, December 2, 2012

Abstract,Mixed Media Oil and Acrylic, 10x10" "Layers II"

I have been feeling really adventurist lately and have been experimenting with some mixed media works.  The key word here is "experimenting" which means I have put in lots of hours and not so much in the "results" catagory.

I used an acrylic pouring medium on my support and found a nice harmony of colors. When it had dried, I started working over it with my oil paints


I tried to let areas of the underpainting show through.

I always enjoy working on something new and I am sure I will be trying this technique again in the future.


weekend et coup de brosse said...

Belles compositions!

fdfgdafgdfsagdfs said...

I like it! Experimenting is always fun - even if the results don't pop up right away.

hmuxo said...

this is beautifully painted, Carol. Good combination since the acrylic dries quicker then you get the nice texture from the oils!!!

Rick Nilson said...

I love your work.