Thursday, August 1, 2013

Florida Landscape Painting, Palm Tree Art, "Twins" 18x14" Oil SOLD

An ode to my home state...two stately palms residing on the banks of the intra-coastal waterway.


Painted with my favorite instrument.....a palette knife.  I like the way I can transition from one color to another with my knives.  I kept this painting quite smooth in comparison with many of my palette knife works


Diana Marshall said...

Love the palm trees, you sure live in a beautiful place. Sorry know nothing about google+ !

suzanneberry said...

First, this is wonderful! I LOVE your palette and the way you wield that knife! wonderful.

Secondly, Google+ scares the crap outta me. When I click on an artist's name and I get led there, I break out into a sweat. Good luck with it, i'm sorry but i haven't a clue!


Don't know anything about Google+ but I love the painting!