Thursday, February 13, 2014

Figurative Oil Painting, African American Art, "Market Day" by Carol Schiff, 27x54"

This figurative oil painting depicts a young woman, in a tropical location, shopping at an outdoor market.

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I wanted to paint a very large, almost life-size, figurative painting.  I stretched the canvas myself as the finished piece is 27x54".

Although it doesn't really show in this image, I did glaze, after glaze, after glaze on the head to get the deep, rich, hues.  

This figurative oil painting is quite different from the daily paintings you usually view here.  It's always good to stretch yourself.  My goal this year is to paint larger pieces on a regular basis.


suzanneberry said...

WOW!!! carol, i LOVE everything about this!! beautifully done!! i would love to see the scale of it on the easel! just wonderful!!!

hmuxo said...

LOVE IT!! An amazing size and you painted her so beautifully..

carol morgan carmichael said...

Great job on this Carol! Good for you stretching yourself and doing such a beautiful job with it. said...

Wonderful... Really wonderful. It is especially amazing when I think of the size of it. . Everything in every area connects and flows. You must be so proud.