Thursday, February 6, 2014

Small Landscape Painting, "Intracoastal Island" by Carol Schiff, 6x8" Oil, SOLD

This small landscape painting depicts a scene I see every day.  Florida's intracoastal waterway is dotted with small uninhabited islands.

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During warmer months, the islands are often gathering places for camping and fishing trips or simply a fun boating trip for a family outing.  Even the youngest kids enjoy the sandy beaches and calm, shallow waters and many picnics and happy days occur there.

I painted the scene with a palette knife in the style I like to call "color weaving" which gives it a nice textured look.  I particularly like a small landscape painting in a simple black frame which, I feel, gives a sense of elegance.  I love when you pin my work!



Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

This is VERY Elegant!

Unknown said...

I do like your style. Nice work
from Len Hend

hmuxo said...

The texture is definitely wonderful, Carol and I love the light hitting the water... nice work!

Karen Johnston Daily Paintings said...

I love the wonderful texture and colors Carol...and the little bit of light on the water is beautiful!!!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Love it! Texture is great and appoaching dark clouds give it such atmosphers!