Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Painting on Sale, Daily Painting, "Fruit Salad" by Carol Schiff, 10x8" Oil

This week, my painting on sale is a nice little still life.  Various fruits in the foreground, against a background of palm shadows.  I like to think the earth tilts once a year, just for me, so that the setting sun shines in my window, just so, spraying my wall with gorgeous palm shadows.

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150 less 25 rebate 
As usual, I will send your credit card or PayPal account a $25.00 refund when you purchase this painting  and write "Wild and Wacky Wednesday" on your order.  You MUST write this on your order to get the rebate.  Offer good until midnight PST, March 6 2014.




Your painting makes me long for fruit season and fruit salad season to arrive.


hmuxo said...

Excellent piece, Carol. The strawberry looks very yummy!!

Tom Fox said...

That strawberry looks great! And your work generally is very full of life. I'm jealous of the weather you must have in florida - great for plain air painting! If you don't mind I'll be linking your blog from my own daily painting blog. Thanks for sharing