Sunday, March 23, 2014

Small Oil Painting, Daily Painting, "Roses of Laura Plantation" by Carol SAchiff, 10x10x1.5" Oil SOLD

Last spring I was touring the beautiful Creole plantation in southern Louisiana, called Laura.  It was named for the "president" of the plantation,  who is always the smartest child.  The Creole's had no problem recognizing women as the smartest and strongest in their communities.


The plantation was more of business than home, although it served as both. It was very functional. If it didn't make money, it wan't there.  In contrast, the American plantation down the road  was your typical big white house with columns....just what you would expect a plantation to look like.

I was charmed by this scene of climbing roses and knew I would want to paint it.


Now that I have.....I want to do a larger version.

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hmuxo said...

Wonderful painting, Carol! love the shadows under the climbing roses ...

martinealison said...

Comme il doit être agréable et paisible de se promener sous cette voûte fleurie...
J'aime beaucoup cette peinture qui respire le bonheur.
De très jolies nuances de couleurs.
Gros bisous