Thursday, April 17, 2014

Daily Painting, Lighthouse Painting, "Jupiter Lighthouse as seen from the Square Grouper" by Carol Schiff, 8x10x1.5" Oil SOLD

This small daily painting has a very long title!  I named it such because of memories of the day I spent at the "Square Grouper", a local place where you sit in the sand, shaded by palms with your toes in the inlet, drink beer or wine, gaze at the lighthouse across the inlet and watch boats make their way out to the sea.

 If you stretch your neck out just a tiny bit, you can see the beautiful Atlantic.  On summer afternoons, big puffy white clouds form as the cool ocean breezes meet the warmer inland air.  The perfect backdrop for that red lighthouse!

When I think of Florida, I think of spending days just like that!  Having my daughter by my side made it even better.

Hope you have a great day too.

2 comments: said...

Love the painting Carol and really enjoyed reading about the location.
I could almost smell the salt air and feel the slight breeze.
Everything is better with a daughter - I agree.

hmuxo said...

This lighthouse painting is fantastic, Carol! Wonderful work!