Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Today's post is not a celebration of art, but a warning to all of you who post your work online.

It has come to my attention that a site called has pirated five pieces of my original art.  Four of my compositions have been repainted and are being sold in various sizes by this organization.
Pirated by

Pirated by United

Pirated by United

Pirated my

  The fifth is a piece that is impossible to duplicate, as it was created with a pouring technique, instead of a brush.  They are listing this piece as an original also, but they must be selling it as a giclee'.

What to do?    Watermarks don't help.  They are stealing the compositions and re-painting them.  I have contacted the organization and asked that they remove my pieces.  Will that help?  Threats of lawsuits?  Not with an international company.

The best we can do is put the word out.  Police these sites, look for your work. protest, protest, protest.....and PUT THE WORD OUT!  You may not find you work there today.....but, what about tomorrow!

UPDATE:  After posting on many sites on facebook. including United Artworks page, I heard from this company.  They have removed my compositions from their site, as well as the work of two other artists that contacted me with the same issue.

So, if this happens to you.  DON"T GIVE UP, even if the offender is on the other side of the world....there is hope.

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