Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Summer Day on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Small Oil Painting, Giclee Print on Canvas, Daily Painting,


It looks like summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  As our lives change from day to day, Mother Nature is telling us,that all will someday be well.  The earth is surviving very well without us, thank you, and it is up to us humans to change our routines as life will go on, with or without us.

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I would prefer it went on with us!

Although the Blue Ridge Parkway was closed, for some time, it is now open and giving people in the area a place to drive and walk and enjoy nature.

This is an 11x14" original oil painting.  The 1.5" deep sides are painted black, allowing it to be hung with or without a frame.

Stay safe!

Carol Schiff

1 comment:

hmuxo said...

I didn’t know they had closed the Blue Ridge parkway..... so sad what’s going on these days.
This is another beautiful painting carol. SO well done!