Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Having become bored with flowers, I am off on a new adventure. I decided to try some really simple paintings, very few brushstrokes, minimal, maybe even abstract. Along those lines I have also gotten into a few multi media pieces. To accommodate these pieces, I have opened a new Etsy site which I call CarolOnEdge. So, here is one of my attempts to use next to nothing in the way of brushstrokes. So far, I am enjoying the challenge and the diversity.
I also have an update on the great varnish debate. This is a quote I found my the master, Richard Schmid.
Q. What are your thoughts about varnishing paintings?

A. I always apply a finish varnish to a painting when it is sufficiently dry. I allow at least three months of drying time for a work with average paint thickness, and six months for the more heavily painted. I like to use SoluvarÒ gloss final picture varnish diluted 1:1 with pure turpentine. SoluvarÒ is made by LiquitexÒ. It is recommended by most conservators because it does not yellow with age, and it can be easily removed with turpentine if necessary. I prefer to apply it with a 2”wide bristle brush or an ordinary varnishing brush from my hardware store. Damar varnish works well too, though it will yellow slightly in time.
So, I will be going with retouch varnish for instant results and follow up with the above formula.


indiaartist said...

Love baby toes. Some great work is being done here.

Anonymous said...

The sea is interesting to paint. You have done a good job at it. I am doing one of the sea just now.

Art with Liz said...

This is so beautiful Carol.

L.Holm said...

I really like your simplified landscapes. They're lovely, Carol! Thanks for sharing the R. Schmid quote. I've been letting my oils dry for 3-6 months or longer, but have been really confused by some of the daily painters who varnish so quickly. OIls are dry to touch in 7 days, but just aren't fully cured in a week even if they're thinly painted. At least according to the soluvar folks and oil paint manufacturers. This was helpful to hear.

Liana Yarckin said...

I love these "simple paintings". Nice contrast to your other work.