Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I posted the study for this last week. The actual photo I used was cropped from a photo a friend purchased and framed. She asked me to paint this one for her and I agreed. I guess it was alright to do as it is not for resale. The way I understand copy writes, if it was copyrighted, is that you can reproduce, you just cannot sale. Of course, that does not explain all those paintings of Obama last January. I know all those artists did not personally take a photo of him or paint from life. Does anyone have input on this issue?


Diana Marshall said...

stunning painting, the colors and the light, gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Did the photograph have a copyright imprint on it somewhere. I think you're pretty safe because it is not a completely accurate reproduction of the photo. It's a really lovely image and you friend is so wise to ask you to paint it.

Karen Bruson said...

How did this one get by me? Love the atmosphere. Nice painting.

Anonymous said...

I am noticing that many artists are taking their inspirations from fashion photos to calendars. It just happens when someone paints more than 2-3 paintings a day. My rule is take nothing from Disney or Jimmy Buffett or any famous money machine. Their team of lawyers will always find and hunt you down!
Seriously, it's a question of ethics and motives too.