Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Still working in the abstract direction. It's kind of fun, but, I have a feeling I am going to want to try something that is a little more realistic soon. Maybe I can find a comfort zone between the two as I don't seem to know what direction I want to move in. I am having fun, experimenting and seeing where it will lead. I seem to get bored easily, so I guess this is a good thing.

While catching up on comments made while I was out of town, I discovered I have been awarded the BELLA SINCLAIR AWARD for friendship, sisterhood, caring and sharing, by Laurel Daniel

and Catherine Jeffrey. Laurel is a wonderful plein air painter from Austin who paints sunny landscapes and has the sunny disposition to match. Catherine is the pride of Canada who heads out into the rainy days of Toronto to capture the beautiful reflections of a wet urban scene. I am honored to be given this award by both of these extremely talented women, and have decided to pass it on to the following atrists who encourage and inspire me.

Sheila Tajima, Jennifer Woodburn, Karen Bruson and Carmen Beecher. Thank you ladies, for giving me the warm fuzzies I love and require!


David Larson Evans said...

Some of the worlds best paintings are somewhere in between abstract and realistic oh and by the way I love the colors in this one...good job.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, Love all these lovely bright holiday colours. I especially like the abstract loose brush strokes you have used. A girl after my own heart! Another winner I think.

Catherine Jeffrey said...

I love these bright colors and the movement in the picture. Lots of energy. Its difficult to know where we want to be when doing art. Trying everything, you just may find your comfort zone. You are very brave and creative!

Mary said...

Your creative spirit and willingness to experiment are inspiring, Carol. The challenge of abstraction in a landscape is that the basics of composition and tonal balance are more exposed and must be strong--which certainly are in this piece. Nice summer colors, too. Thank you for sharing this lovely painting,