Sunday, February 26, 2012

Daily Oil Painting, Beau Gateau et les Petits, 6x8 SOLD

It translates as "Beautiful Small Cake".  I had lots of fun with this one,  I positioned the cake on a favorite pottery plate and got the most lovely aquas and lavenders.

Then I painted in creamy oils using both brush and palette knife.  Yummy!

Since we are talking food here, I though I would show you some strawberries I covered in chocolate for a recent party.

And how about these fabulous rolls made with feta and jack cheeses and spinach!  Sometimes cooking can be as much fun as painting.  Thanks for the food pictures, Kathy.

Start off the week with a smile :0)


carol morgan carmichael said...

Love the petit four colors with some black ground showing through. The colors pop. Nothing better than a "small cake".

Karen Bruson said...

So yummy!

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Love these. Cool ground to support your work. Makes me hungry.