Sunday, August 5, 2012

Daily Painting, "Catching Up" 6x8, Oil SOLD

I was strolling through a Brooklyn park, when I found this lady, someone's grandmother, catching up with the day's events.


Her eyesight must not have been the best, as she was holding the paper very close to her face.

Her hair was unevenly cut and it reminded me of my childhood days when my mother would sit me in a chair and chop away at my hair with her old scissors.



Diana Marshall said...

Interesting subject, one can imagine her life story, cool painting! said...

Love the bold, confident brushmarks and design. You have captured a universal scene - this could be anywhere.

hmuxo said...

I love paintings of the "older folks". They're always a wonderful subject.! Beautifully painted, Carol.

ashok said...

quite different from your usual subjects...very well done carol