Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daily Painting, Sunflower Painting, 6x12" SOLD

I wanted to squeeze in one more sunflower painting before the trees are bare and the snow starts to fly.

This tall sunflower is not as perky as he once was, but I had lots of fun with the format and my trusty palette knife.

I don't always plan to use a palette knife, some paintings just demand it.  This is one of those.  It was one of those paintings that was just fun to do, one that left me relaxed and happy.

I wish I could say, they all have that effect on me.  Does painting always make you happy, or do you sometimes end up drained, with tense shoulders and neck?

Let's hear it for the happy ones!


Jane said...

Oh, some paintings can really leave you drained when you just can't get it right ! Obviously didn't happen here ,your last minute sun flower is a true beauty !

martinealison said...

Vous avez parfaitement bien immortalisé ce tournesol... qui aura une continuité grâce à vous.
Votre touche avec le couteau est très féminin et comment dire bien rythmée.
Je ne saurai probablement pas peindre avec un couteau, mais j'aime particulièrement le résultat rendu dans votre travail. Les couleurs sont également un bel atout... Vous gagnez sur toute la ligne !
Gros bisous à vous

Parfois oui, certaines peintures me vident totalement...

Linda said...

Hi Carol, greetings from Montreal, Canada. You are a very talented lady; I love the colours in your paintings.

hmuxo said...

Love the texture in this beautiful painting, Carol.. said...

Love,love,love this. The colors...the design and technique are fabulous.