Monday, October 29, 2012

Grape Painting "In the Vineyard" 9x12" Oil Original

When I was on my girls trip to North Carolina last month, one of our side trips was to a vineyard.  It was a beautiful place with a mountain stream weaving through the grounds and row after row of grapes growing up the side of the mountain.

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I have been interested in painting fruit still on the tree, so I took the opportunity to stick my camera into the vine and capture this miracle in action.

It was a beautiful sunny day, but deep in the vine, the sun was dappled.  What could be prettier than nature's bounty.

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Diana Marshall said...

Wonderful painting, I love all the soft colors you have used, I can just imagine the whole vineyard.

ashok said...

nice one..

Jane said...

Dear Carol, what could be more in season now than grapes, I have been thinking of painting them myself :-) Beautiful contrast from the the ones in the foreground and the ones in the background, lovely blues !