Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Coral Reef Painting, Key Largo Painting, Daily Painting, Large Oil Painting, 20x24x1.5" Oil

This is the largest of  my coral reef series....the largest so far.  It is highly textured, not with medium, but with paint.

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I sometimes paint over a failed painting, such as in this case.  Conventional wisdom will advise you to sand down your canvas and start over.  I prefer to let the texture of the failed painting show through.  Sometimes, I also allow pieces of the original art to show.

I originally had an abstract piece on this canvas, but although I liked some parts of the abstract, I  was not happy with the whole piece.  The canvas set in my studio for several years before I attempted to reuse it.  This technique may not be for everyone, but I am the texture queen, so, it appeals to me.

Thanks for viewing my art today.

Carol Schiff

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