Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This is the last public appearance made by my buddy the pear with a leaf. You might remember him from a week or so ago. Here he is shown, lounging on my glass table, bathed in cool winter light, casting shadows with his friend.

It was kind of interesting to paint this pear three times. The interest for me came in the different colors I saw each time and how it dictated my painting techniques. For me, that is what keeps me interested in painting. I guess I am not at the point where I can visualize how my completed painting will look. Often it is very surprising to me.


Kim Rempel said...

I feel the same way. Or - if I do try and visualize, it turns out differently anyhow. Nice warm and cool.

Marie Theron said...

Lovely work, Carol. One advantage of painting an object often,is that it remains in your thoughts! Thus the mind can slowly munch (no pun intended!)through some ideas!

Art with Liz said...

This is lovely Carol. Pears can be either exciting or boring, and you've certainly done the former. Also absolutely loved your 'Celebration' and egret works - your use of all that lovely thick paint is terrific!