Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I have been very busy the past few weeks (or you could call it unorganized) working on a few pieces with deadlines.  Maybe that is the problem, or maybe fear of the upcoming holidays with all the added responsibilities, but I have wiped off more daily paintings this week than I can ever remember doing before.  That is my excuse for digging out an old painting to post.

When I first purchased these tulips, I dashed off a quick painting of them.  Three days later, they were much more interesting, thus the title.

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Diana Marshall said...

These tulips are lovely,showing off their interesting inner life, the pretty frame is perfect too.
It's funny sometimes I can't paint either, to save my life, mostly when I'm stressed or have too much to do.

Carol Blackburn said...

I don't remember this one, so I's new to me.
You made me chuckle with your comment about being unorganized. Aren't we all at times? (smile)

Catherine Jeffrey said...

My motivation seems to be lagging too. I guess we have these stages of not knowing what to do next. I think I have three pictures started and I can't find any desire to continue on them.
I also find that if I have a commission or deadline, it kills all of my desire to paint :-)
Old or new, this is a nice painting.