Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BIRD'S EYE VIEW, 10x8, Palette Knife, oil SOLD


Nothin' could be finer
Than to be in Carolina
In the Morning

Gus Kahn and Walter Donaldson

I have to agree with Gus (he wrote the words).  Especially when you are gazing off the top of one of the highest mountains in the Blue Ridges.

I rugged scene calls for rugged strokes and a large palette knife!

But wait!!!  That doesn't mean I don't appreciate my home state too!




jeanette from everton terrace said...

I really like how the colors echo each other in both paintings but one is soft and the other is rugged. Very cool.

Lina-Paola said...

Who know you could paint with a palette knife? Makes me want to try this technique out, too! I really like the way the paints texture came out on this one. Real nice job! Keep on posting!!

Sonya Johnson said...

Great set of paintings, Carol. I always admire anyone who has skills with a palette knife (I've never looks hard!).

Diana Marshall said...

Loove the palette knife painting, wow it's impressive, you do wield a mean palette knife ;)) !

Shelley Smart said...

Really love both of these, the mountains and the beach! Living in Tennessee for many years, North Carolina was a favorite place, too. And you know I love beaches! I love your colors and knife work!

Marie Theron said...

Such beautiful paintings, Carol! The waves in the last one are magnificent!

Cmichaudart said...

lucky to have 2 backyards, no? Love the thick paint with the palatte knife, nice touch!

hmuxo said...

Beautiful painting, Carol!! You make it look so easy. I tried working with a palette knife but doesn't work with me. Your work is amazing!!

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Love the interactions with the grayed down colors and sense of space in both scenes. The trees look ghostly against the gray greens then echo the faraway mountains. You get around!

Susan Liles said...

Great paintings! Looks like you have palette knife painting down very well.