Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Daily Painting, "Smoky Admiration" 8x6", Oil

This is from an image that I have had in my files for many years.

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I was always drawn to this image because of the light striking the hats of this Mennonite couple  The fact that she is bare-footed only added to the quirkiness of the scene.

The couple are viewing the highest point at Smoky Mountain National Park.  I have been there many times and know that it is a long hike up a steep concrete walkway.  Where are her shoes!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daily Painting, "Coastal Wildflower" Landscape, 6x8" SOLD

This little painting is not a real place.  I was thinking about the coast of California, where the mountains  collide with the sea.

It's a big stretch for me to paint without an image of some type in front of me.  Abstract artists do it all the time.  I spent months just slapping on paint and always ending up with the same muddy, uninteresting, scraper.  Being a slow learner, I repeated the action time and again before the light bulb came on.

Many successful artists work in that manner, but I need more structure.  I must have a goal, a composition in mind, some kind of plan for movement, values, colors.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think this is a great example, but for me, it is a little step forward.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daily Painting, "White Fence, Red Barn", Oil 16x16

In the summer, I spend almost as much time in the mountains of the Carolina's as I do in Florida.  I am always struck by the beauty of the mountain farms.

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Maybe its due to the fast paced life we all seem to lead these days.  Usually I have a problem sitting to read a book for more the five minutes.  But take me to the mountains and I can sit on my porch for hours, just drinking in the beauty of my surroundings.

I start the day with coffee, on my front porch, watching the wild turkeys come down from the mountain for breakfast.  This is usually followed by two or three hours of reading whatever novel has me captivated.  Many days I am still in my jams at noon.   Life is good!

Do you have a favorite place you go to just chill out?

You may have noticed that I added a sale page on the right sidebar.  Just click on the link to review all my works that are on sale.  Lots to choose from!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daily Painting, "Beach Vollyball", 6x8" Oil SOLD

When you are a teenager, or in your twenties, this is what many would think of as the "perfect day"

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These days, I much prefer to paint it, than actually do it!  I do remember those days when there was never too much sun, spending the day encrusted with salt and sand.

When I go to the beach these days, it is early morning or early evening....and hopefully October!  The best kept secret  in Florida is that October and November are the months WITH PERFECT WEATHER!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily Painting, "Oconoluftee Barn" 6x8, Oil SOLD

This is not an old barn.........it's a replica of an old barn!

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This barn can be found at the Oconoluftee Welcome Center of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at Cherokee NC..  They have a great museum and replica of a farm from the old days, complete with chickens and pigs!  

After walking through the farm, you can follow a path, next to the river and through the woods.  The feeling is that you are in the wilderness, they reality is that cars are whizzing by just a few hundred feet away.  

If you are lucky, you will hear the elk calling in the forest, or maybe even spy one or two in feeding in the meadow.

All together, a great way to spend the morning and absolutely free to anyone who cares to visit!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daily Painting, "Sanibel Beach Cottage" 6x8, oil SOLD

Still posting paintings from my trip to Sanibel.  How could I pass up this adorable cottage on the beach?

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The lucky owner's get to view the sea from every window!  Of course, being the practical gal that I am, I cannot help but think how scary it would be during a hurricane.  In Florida, when a hurricane is threatening your area, if you live on the beach, you must abandon your home and find another place to stay until the storm has passed.

I am sorry to say that this little beauty would probably not survive a direct hit from a bad storm.  Not to mention the incredibly high insurance cost for such a location.  Even paradise has it's drawbacks.

See, I told you I was too practical!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daily Painting, "Going Coconuts", Landscape, 6x8, Oil

This is another of my daily paintings from my trip to Sanibel Island in May.

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My daughter and I were getting our exercise, taking a little walk before it was too hot one morning, trying to dodge all the people on bicycles without getting hit, when I saw this palm loaded with coconuts.

We live in Florida and see lots of palm trees, but our area is further north and coconut palms are not as common there.  There is a lot going on under those palms, all kinds of fibers hanging, old dried up fronds and other miscellaneous materials and of course, the coconuts.  It almost has an abstract quality.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daily Painting, "Bunny", 6x8, Oil sold

My youngest grandson was visiting our home when he spied this rabbit in our yard.  He and his Mom are really big animal lovers.


So, when we found this rabbit, I grabbed the camera and got out of the way.  Trevor managed to get a very nice shot of it through the window.

He was very excited when I surprised him with this little painting, and today, it hangs in a place of honor in his bedroom.

Carol Schiff


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Daily Oil Painting, Birds, "Waverunners" 12x12" SOLD

These birds were my constant companions on early morning walks on the beaches of Sanibel.


After 40+ years of seeing the sun rise over the Atlantic, it seemed odd to see it rise from behind the dunes at the Gulf of Mexico.

I used both brush and palette knife on this one.  I like the contrast of texture achieved in this way.

The birds ignored me and my camera, knowing they could move much faster then I can.

Carol Schiff

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Daily Painter, "All In A Row" 4x12" Original Oil SOLD

Last month we spent a few days at Sanibel.  Each morning I would walk down the path to the sea, surrounded by sea grapes.
As I would approach the the beach, the tops of brightly colored tents would come into view.

Soon the beach would be alive with beach goers, some of which, spent the whole day under the tents.  One group of men would carry table and chairs down each morning, and spend the day playing dominos on the beach.

I was more of a wimp and  limited my beach time to early morning and early evening,  less crowds and less heat!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Daily Painting, Oil, "The Beach at Sanibel", 6x8" SOLD

A recent trip to Sanibel brought me plenty of images to paint. Of course, the beach had to be the star.

I had not visited the area for many, many years, and I must admit that I forgot how beautiful it is.  The water is aqua and clear, much like the tropical waters of the Caribbean Islands.

I passed this little group of sea oats every morning on the path to the sea.  My favorite activity was to walk the beach as the sun was rising, with only the occasional fisherman or shell hunter and lots of pelicans and gulls  for company.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daily Painting "Nature's Smiley Face" 6x8", Oil SOLD

Summer is finally here....and so are the sunflowers!


I had a good time with this one, just layering on plenty of paint with my palette knife and not getting too upset about where it landed.

I find it impossible to look at this painting without having a smile on my face.  Now if I could just pull that off every day!